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2024-05-18 08:20 UTC

I am sceptical about the non-commercial part of my creative commons license.

Could this be discouraging people to post and share my articles on their own platforms?

I mean—I was only concerned that someday something I write might be used by some big business to charge people money, or hiden behind a paywall or something. Not that I ever intend to monetize it myself!

Does anyone have any thoughts on the matter?

Can I somehow include some disambiguation of what I intend with the "No Commercial"?

2024-05-07 07:00 UTC

4 days off work made me relize:

I am not that old yet!

I am just always tired!

2024-05-04 21:05 UTC

I now have a tinylog. Maybe I will use it for POSSE, indyweb style!