You see this is my little corner in the vast sea of the internets. It is my identity and my lair in my on-line interaction with the world.

Everybody, including you probably, maintains one, or multiple accounts in various social media platforms, that invade your privacy, track your movements, and sell your attention for financial gain.

But there is still a part of the internet, almost invisible to the major search engines that is small, non commercialised, interesting, and weird. Much like the early internet of late 90s, early 00s.

Links to some articles that influenced me:

The enshitification of TicToc and everything.(www)
This is a motherfucking website.(www)
Minimal web(www)
How the blogs broke the web.(www)
The small internet.(gopher via proxy)
Rediscovering the small web.(www)
Vernacular Web 2(www)
The web we lost.(www)
I was mistaken Gemini is awesome(www)
Why personal web sites are important(www)
Brutalist web design(www)

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