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Sign my guestbook via email

đŸ“Ģ My email

Use the title "guestbook" for your message.


Just sign with a nickname or email, write your message in English or Greek, do not include anything personal, and I will respect your privacy to the maximum.

None of your contact information will be kept.


Please use plain text only, no html content.

If you want to include a link, use gemtext links like the example below.



Please use English or Greek language.

If you use any other language, please specify wich one, and I will try to use automatic translation to verify that there is nothing insulting in your message. If I fail to translate the message, I will not publish it.


Greeklish text , will not be published. (those who use it, know what it is)

Privacy settings


Include an "identification" method, like a "nickname" , your first name, your initials, a web page URL or email address to sign. Otherwise the email address you used to send me the message will be used as a mean of "identification".

Alternative email

If you include an "alternative email address" or "reply to email" This address will be the one published, and the one used for any future communication with you, instead of the one you used to send me the message.

Anonymous signage

Use the nickname "anonymous" if you don't want any identifying information to be published about you


Include the phrase "notification yes" if you wish to be notified when your signing is published.


Include the phrase "subscribe yes" if you wish to receive a notification whenever the capsule is updated. To unsubscribe, send me an email with the title "unsubscribe".

Other information

Include any other information you want to pe published, like a homepage, social media handle, etc.

Do not reveal any real information

I advise you to not include you real name. If you wish though, I will publish it. You need to include the phrase "publish my real name" In your message. Otherwise only the initials of the name you included will be published.

If your real name is published, no other contact information will be included, to avoid my guestbook becoming a platform for doxing.

Handling of your contact info

After our communication is completed, all messages and your email address will be deleted from my inbox and my addressbook, unless you opted in to receive notifications about my capsule.

Include the phrase "remember me" if you wish me to keep your contact info and messages

Sign anonymously

You can use anonymous email, if you don't wish to have your email address known to me. This implies naturally, that no identification elements will be published unless you include them in the body of your message.

Removal of signage

You can request for your signing to be removed with an email with the title "remove signage" and include the "identification" you used in the signing message.

Anonymous messages can not be removed

Sign on my Etherpad

In case you prefer to not use email, I have a dedicated pad for signing my guestbook

đŸĒļ My guestbook Etherpad

Please be polite and respectful.

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