The Delphic maxims

The 3 main maxims

Gnothi sauton

Know thyself

meden agan

Nothing in excess

eggua para d'atê

Give a pledge (have a strong affirmation) and trouble is at hand

Trouble attends him who affirms anything in strong terms and confidently —interpretation by Diogenes Laërtius

The rest 147 Delphic maxims

Follow God

Obey the law

Worship the Gods

Respect your parents

Yield to justice

Know what you have learned

Perceive what you have heard

Be yourself

Intend to get married

Know your opportunity (critical moment)

Think as a mortal

If you are a stranger act like one

Honour the hearth (or Hestia)

Control yourself

Help your friends

Control anger

Exercise prudence

Honour providence

Do not use an oath

Love friendship

Cling to discipline

Pursue honour

Long for wisdom

Praise the good

Find fault with no one

Praise virtue

Practice what is just

Be kind to your friends

Watch out for your enemies

Exercise nobility of character

Shun evil/wickedness/cowardice

Be impartial/affable/courteous/unbiassed

Guard what is yours

Shun what belongs to others/what is alien(foreign)

Listen to everyone

Be (religiously) silent

Do a favour for a friend/show kindness to a friend

Nothing to excess

Use time sparingly

Foresee the future

Despise insolence/hubris

Have respect for suppliants

Be accommodated in everything

Educate your sons

When you have, give

Fear deceit

Speak well of everyone

Be a seeker of wisdom

Choose what is divine

Act when you know

Shun murder

Pray/wish/promise for things possible

Consult the wise

Test the character

Give back what you have received

Down-look no one

Use your skill

Do what you mean to do / give what you promised

Honour a benefaction

Be jealous of no one

Be on your guard

Praise hope

Despise slander

Gain possessions justly

Honour good men

Know the judge

Master wedding-feasts

Recognize fortune

Flee a pledge

Speak plainly

Associate with your peers

Govern your expenses

Be happy with what you have

Revere a sense of shame

Fulfill a favour

Pray for happiness

Be content with your fortune

Observe what you have heard

Work for what you can own

Despise strife

Detest disgrace

Restrain the tongue

Keep yourself from insolence

Make just judgements

Use what you have

Judge incorruptibly

Accuse someone who is present

Speak only from expertise

Do not depend on strength/violence

Live without sorrow

Live together/socialize meekly

Finish the race without shrinking back

Deal kindly with everyone

Do not curse your sons

Rule your wife

Benefit yourself

Be courteous

Give a timely response

Struggle with glory

Act without repenting

Repent of sins

Control the eye

Give a timely counsel

Act quickly

Guard friendship

Be grateful

Pursue harmony

Keep deeply the top secret

Fear ruling / respect authority

Pursue what is profitable/beneficial

Accept due measure

Do away with enmities

Accept old age

Do not boast in might

Exercise auspicious speech

Flee enmity

Acquire wealth justly

Do not abandon honour

Venture into danger prudently

Do not tire of learning

Do not stop to be thrifty

Admire oracles

Love whom you rear

Do not oppose someone absent

Respect an elder

Teach a youngster

Do not trust wealth

Respect yourself

Do not begin to be insolent

Crown your ancestors

Die for your country

Do not be discontented by life

Do not make fun of the dead

Share the load of the unfortunate

Gratify without harming

Don’t be distressed by everything

Beget from noble routes

Make promises to no one

Do not wrong the dead

Be well off as a mortal

Do not trust fortune

As a child be well-behaved

As a youth—self-disciplined

As of middle-aged—just

As an old man—sensible

On reaching the end—without sorrow